ZehnFriends Rewards

Love what we do and how we do it? Get rewarded for sharing ZehnTek with your friends and colleagues! Enter your information and information from a contact who is interested in us. You will both receive $200 in benefits!

Referral Benefits

1. Referrer will receive $100 Visa gift card and $100 in ZehnFunds upon first qualified purchase from their referral.

2. Customer that is referred will receive $100 Visa gift card and $100 in ZehnFunds upon qualified purchase and 3 months of account activity thereafter.

ZehnFriends Rewards Eligibility

1. Customers must receive express permission from their contact prior to referral.

2. Eligible contacts are corporate customers with greater than 10 employees. Contact us to inquire about rewards for smaller customers.

3. Qualified purchases are those made by eligible contacts within three months of referral submission.

4. Submission of this form must comply with all ZehnFriends Terms and Conditions